Mission Statement

Welcome to Tiptree Medical Centre (part of the Colte Partnership) – Our Mission statement:

Dr Turner and partners are determined to offer the best healthcare for our patients. We will do this by putting patients at the heart of everything we do. We pledge to:

  • Treat you with respect and courtesy at all times
  • Help you make decisions about your health by listening to your needs and opinions
  • Nurture a culture which responds and adapts to the changing face of general practice
  • Keeps up to date with developments in health care by continuing to learn
  • Promote best practice through utilising specialist expertise within the practice team and externally and encouraging the continuous professional development of all members of the practice team
  • Work within the framework of NHS Primary Care Services to provide professional medical, nursing and other services which meet the identified needs of patients
  • Maintain a health promoting environment
  • Strive to improve the health of our population and encourage self-care. Encourage patients to use both the practice resources and those of the wider NHS responsibly.